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Dubai has the third busiest international airport in the world and provides all the necessary amenities and infrastructure to cater to people in wheelchairs. The government introduced a policy to ensure that people of determination are given the highest level of care with priority areas dedicated to their condition.

Eden Mobility provides shuttle services for disabled people at the Dubai airport.

Our Dubai airport wheelchair shuttle  service allows you to:

– get to the city or your hotel independently
– get to the airport area for your flight
– transfer to Dubai hospitals during medical tourism

Wheelchair shuttle dubai airport: a well planned transfer and assistance service

After booking your transfer at the Dubai airport and notifying us of your flight number on our website, our airport wheelchair shuttle driver will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal on the day of your arrival:

– A sign with your name and the name of our company will allow you to identify our driver for your pickup.
– Your luggage will be picked up. The assistance service of the airport will hand it over to us.

We will then transfer you safely to your destination. Two guests are allowed on board of your airport wheelchair shuttle for free. This is done to ensure that you get the best possible care.

How to be dropped off safely at the terminal?

When you purchase your boarding tickets, airlines such as Emirates as well the terminal staff have to follow a specific protocol for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility.
It is your responsibility to inform the airlines of your condition when you book your flight. Please remember to check the appropriate boxes.

Eden Mobility will accompany you to the terminal staff when you arrive at Dubai airport. We make all the necessary arrangements regarding priority boarding for people with reduced mobility.

How can I be picked up at the airport?

All assistance for wheelchair users or disabled persons at Dubai airport must be planned in advance.
The appropriate options should be selected when you book your flight.
This allows the airport staff responsible for disabled passengers to plan your entire transfer.

Once we transfer you to the airport, our Dubai airport wheelchair shuttle personnel will arrange for the assistance service to take over.

If you are traveling alone, the assistance service allows you to:

– Move around freely inside the airport
– Check in for your flight, your baggage and your mobility equipment
– Board the plane first and take your seat comfortably on board.

The same applies to your arrival at your destination. All the necessary measures are taken to assist you.