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The United Arab Emirates has shown great interest in supporting the education of wheelchair users and people of determination.
Dubai’s government is a step ahead of many countries in this area, thanks to its well-ordered legislation and recognized privileges. This also applies to different sports organizations.

The laws grant the same rights to all children in the school system, as schooling is seen as an absolute right. Our efforts are focused on the transport of children in wheelchairs to and from school.

School transportation for children of determination: one of our main contractual missions

Many children cannot get to school on their own because of their disability. So we must meet their needs and provide them adapted transportation services.

Eden Mobility, with its thirteen years of experience in this field, is your most reliable partner in Dubai. Our private wheelchair service drivers are highly trained to understand the needs of people with disabilities.
While safety and handling rules are similar, the social relationship between an elderly person and a child is not the same. And this is what our drivers are best at. They know how to make children feel confident during the ride by reassuring them.

A service offered throughout the school year

Our school transportation service for children with disabilities follows this principle.
In practice, the child will often be carried by the same driver during shifts.
The purpose is to get the driver to become familiar with the child’s needs.

Eden Mobility is the best service for the transportation of people with reduced mobility.

An exclusive service for children of determination

Our school transport services for children in wheelchairs meets two specific objectives:

– Provide a reliable transportation service so that schooling can take place normally
– Provide transportation to and from the school.

Please send us all the relevant information through the contact form so we can provide the best quality services possible.
Our support team is known for its responsiveness and will gladly answer all your questions. We will need the following details of the concerned children:

– Home and school address
– Age
– School calendar and timings

This information allows us to get a first overview of your needs and to address them favorably.

Our school transportation service complies with all national regulations

Eden Mobility is a private company whose ethics and transportation services are governed by the laws concerning children of determination.
Our company can provide transport to and from schools where school buses are not available and where our drivers’ expertise is required.
Our mission is to assist children affected by illness or disability who cannot be transported to school. Our goal is to:

– Ensure that children of determination are not excluded from the school system.
– Make sure they get access to education under the same conditions as any other child.
– Provide drivers who know your child’s specific needs.

Our service is in line with the inclusive policy for people of determination. This policy aims to promote the social integration of all individuals in Dubai.