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Book our non emergency transportation in Dubai hospitals & clinics


Do you want to book a “non emergency transfer » to a hospital or clinic in Dubai? Eden Mobility is your urban mobility solution for all your transportation needs.

We guarantee you a safe transfer and service, whether you need to get to a medical appointment or back home.
Our company’s marketing and sales policy even include free service for two accompanying persons.
This thoughtful decision by our company is highly important:

– It reflects our concern and generosity towards families
– It differentiates us from other traditional actors in the sector
– It avoids having to cut the emotional link in difficult situations

Our empirical approach and expertise in very delicate situations approved.
Our goal is to show you that our transportation service has a human dimension.

« Non emergency transportation »: a valuable service in Dubai and the surrounding emirates

Dubai has outstanding amenities for people with disabilities and elderly people.
Almost all public transports are designed to accommodate these passengers.
However, the extreme weather conditions and the seasonal nature of the city are factors that cannot be changed.
Eden Mobility’s « no emergency » door-to-door transportation service is certainly the best way to get around comfortably.

We guarantee the independence and freedom of movement of people of determination.
Our wheelchair taxi shuttles provide all the required comforts to travel safely between your home, the hospital or the clinic.

Our service is designed to handle intimate situations where wheelchair users deserve a specialized service. Thanks to its European experience, Eden Mobility Dubai is the reference wheelchair taxi service in the country.
It’s not merely an additional service offered by traditional private transport companies.

Our mission is to offer a complete range of services for people of determination.
Our understanding of the city’s social fabric and hospital infrastructure in Dubai allows us to provide safe and pleasant transfers.

A key player for local health care units

Education, food and healthcare are ones of the main pillars of society. This vital need must also be met with tailor-made logistical solutions. Eden Mobility provides key support to certain hospital services for the transport of disabled people.

Care units are receiving increasing numbers of patients every day.
The Covid 19 health crisis has even overloaded some wards.
Some hospitals and clinics in Dubai require adapted services to handle wheelchair users and guarantee an effective handling of patients.

Eden Mobility is also part of this trend, providing assistance to patients returning home or transferring between different health care facilities.

Our customer service will gladly answer all your questions promptly. Please make sure to fill in the date, time of arrival, care unit, hospital or clinic concerned in order for us to confirm your time slot.