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Welcome toEDEN MOBILITYThe safety transportation in Dubai

The leading wheelchair taxi Dubai company for people of determination

Eden Mobility is proud to be the first licensed private company in the city of Dubai.
Our wheelchair car service was recently launched in 2021 and is an extension of « Eden Transports », our first company in France, which partners with the financial ministry employees and social and medical structures.

13 years of expertise developed in Europe

The coronavirus crisis led to an expansion of our activities.
In fact, the French government relied on our ability to take care of hospital staff and patients in Paris.
This made us more aware of our responsibility towards vulnerable people, senior citizen and people of determination.

Our company has been providing transportation services for disabled people in Paris since 2008.
Eden Mobility was a good opportunity to develop a new structure in a country where infrastructures for people of determination were reals.
In this field our French knowledge and experiment are linked with the national strategy for the autonomization of disabled people in the Emirates.

A social policy conducive to the growth of our business

Nowadays, the UAE has clearly recognized rights and privileges for people with disabilities. Particularly in Dubai where all urban structures are built with special access (shopping malls, metro, buses, beach ramps).

When we analyzed the transport field, we realized there were limited
options for specialized wheelchair taxi Dubai service companies. Our goal is to provide the better quality of service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

The positive legal framework in Dubai led us to expand our brand abroad. We are proud to say that Eden Mobility is the leading private transportation service for people in wheelchairs.

Our services meet the requirements of the laws in force

The UAE has made significant efforts for people of determination in the areas of education, health and employment.
Eden Mobility participates in this project by improving access to transportation for people in wheelchairs.

Mobility is a basic daily need for people with special exigency. It is the highest expression of well-being, comfort, autonomy and freedom for people in wheelchairs.

As far as the Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 is concerned, people of determination include those:

« suffering from a temporary or permanent impairment or disability, in whole or in part, of his or her physical, sensory, mental, communicative, educational, or psychological abilities, to an extent that limits his or her ability to perform ordinary tasks like individuals without special needs. »

A structure specifically designed for people of determination

The reasons why we decided to export our European business model to Dubai are obvious.
There are no structures in the Emirates that specialize in wheelchair taxis.
Taxi companies do provide wheelchair accessible vehicles to the public.
However, they don’t provide any specific offers or customized services.

Our offers and services have been digitized and are available to book online.
We aim to offer you a range of services adapted to your needs.

Understanding your needs to customize our support and accessibility offer

Eden Mobility’s wheelchair car services are compatible to individual or collective needs.
Our team is trained with rules related to reduced mobility.

Each situation is different and we offer the following services to guarantee optimal mobility:

– Door to door private transportation
– Minibus rental and group packages
– Customized tour and sightseeing service
Exclusive transportation for children of determination
– Transportation reservations by the hour or by contract.

A personal mobility service with a human touch

We are aware that our efforts towards social inclusion and mobility give a strong message to the public.
So we see our transportation service as an opportunity to meet the needs of people of determination in real time.

This is the foundation of basic freedom and respect for human dignity.
Our transportation policy complies with governmental requirements for the partial or total inclusion of people with special needs.

Book a people of determination taxi under the best conditions and norms in force

Eden mobility’s wheelchair transportation service aims to fill a gap in the market for people with special needs.
We designed a range of services to meet any type of mobility need:

– Hobbies
Commuting to work or a business trip
– Appointment to the doctor’s office
Airport shuttle

Our expertise in the field of reduced mobility allows us to ensure the well-being and autonomy of our clients.
In order to guarantee a comfortable ride for the passenger, two guests are allowed on board free of charge.