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Eden Mobility decided to focus its services on senior citizens. Specially for persons who lost their independence or have trouble getting around on a daily basis.

With only 6% of the population over 70 years old, Dubai’s demographic pyramid is reversed, unlike European countries.
As a result, transportation services for seniors are limited in Dubaï.

Meet an urgent need with a strong commitment and response

Once again, our company is establishing itself in places where the service is deprived of existing structures.
Our company’s ability to transport people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility is well thought out:

– It guarantees equal access to services for everyone.
– It focuses its offer specifically on this target audience.

Our strong and immediate response avoids being left with a transportation senior service at the end of the chain.
Our transportation service takes into account the daily challenges faced by seniors.

Eden Mobility doesn’t only consider mobility as a transfer to a specific point.
Our drivers understand that senior citizens’ reflexes and reactivity are impaired.
They also take into account fatigue and the type of disability.

We are committed to taking care of wheelchair users who have lost their physical independence.
Our individual and collective senior transportation service has built its entire corporate identity on these values.

Senior transportation: for what specific situations and in what cases?

The trips and transfers we provide all day long consist in assisting people from their home to their destination.
This may include trips to shopping areas or leisure activities. Elderly people with disabilities are also people of determination. They are at the heart of our commercial strategy.

These individuals have very specific health concerns (osteoarthritis, blindness, declining motor skills, natural signs of aging).
In most cases, their children call upon our services to take care of their parents.
This vital need is a major concern for us. It is also a sign of appreciation and trust for our entrepreneurial values.

An emerging social need in Dubai

The development of specific services and the Masara Card for seniors is a promising start.
However, a senior transportation solution has not yet been introduced.

Our European expertise, backed up by the « boomer » generation, is a perfect demonstration of this. We have been experiencing an aging population for the past ten years.
This inevitably translates into tailor-made services for the senior public. Hence our desire to set up senior transportation in Dubai.This trend is likely to gain visibility in the Emirates in the coming years.

This social observation pushes us to be a candidate in this field, in order to achieve our European objectives. We hope to be a major player in supporting the government setting up
senior transportation in the near future.