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Incredible! Dubai’s policies and actions have had a very positive impact on the lives of people of determination.
Their efforts in the areas of culture, leisure and sportive association are making a huge difference in the lives of people in wheelchairs.

People with reduced mobility enjoy advantages and privileges in their daily lives thanks to a proactive approach to social inclusion.
Sports are considered to promote universal values of sharing and cohesion in the Emirates.
We offer effective logistical and technical transport support for wheelchair users participating in sports activities.

Our company focuses on the following services:

– Private transportation of wheelchair users from their homes to sports facilities and clubs (round trip).
– We provide specially equipped minibuses for all competitions and sports tournaments.

Handisport: a concrete reality in Dubaï and all Emirates

Our sports-related services specifically address a growing social phenomenon in Dubai.
Sports clubs for wheelchair users and other categories of people of determination are developing rapidly, making it one of the world’s most progressive place for this category of people.

Specific structures for athletics, basketball, table tennis and even soccer are being developed. These are usually adapted to the individual’s disability.
For example, there are specific disciplines for the hearing impaired, the visually impaired and wheelchair users.

Giving access to sports to people with disabilities is a way to overcome their limitations and to promote equality.
The government is committed to this vision. This demonstrates the positive impact of the term « people of determination ».

Eden Mobility carries the same objective and provides a reliable service for all your daily travel needs.

Eden Mobility plays an important role in international Paralympic sports events

The United Arab Emirates uses its national policy to organize international sports competitions. Here are some examples of such events:

– Abu Dhabi Special Olympics March 2019
– The World Para-Atletics Championships in Dubai in November 2019.

This last event saw the Emirati Muhammad Al Ahmadi and the Tunisian Walid Ktila win the gold medal in the wheelchair athletics events.
They even managed to set new world records!

Recognizing the value of sporting events for people with disabilities has made the world notice the UAE.
Participants were also touched by the country’s modern and ergonomic infrastructures.

This ecosystem, specifically oriented towards people of determination, expands and diversifies our range of wheelchair transportation services.