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Dubai is one of the world’s top tourist destination, and the Coronavirus crisis has only slowed down the grand plans of the Pearl of the Desert.
Known for its luxury tourism, its stunning beaches and bustling nightlife, Dubai is the perfect place to spend a unique vacation.

The city attracted a Middle Eastern clientele at first, but it quickly became a global city, appealing to Westerners and Asians alike.
Dubai City Tours are extremely popular, but a tailor-made service for
wheelchair users was yet to be offered

City Tour Dubai by wheelchair taxi: something never seen before in the Emirates

Eden Mobility is proud to be the first company to offer a city tour of Dubai for people of determination.
We offer a complete transportation solution for foreign tourists with disabilities so they can enjoy the city independently.
We want them to experience Dubai’s most iconic places in the best possible conditions.

You can ask for a quote beforehand and arrange a route with our drivers to take you to all the main attractions during your Dubai City Tour.
If you are traveling alone, don’t forget to let us know beforehand if you need an assistant to accompany you by foot to the different locations.

You can invite two guests of your choice on board at no extra charge.

Explore the city like everyone else

Here are some of the best places to visit on your Dubai City Tour:

– Burj al Arab
– Burj Khalifa
– The Palm
– The desert
– Dubai Mall
– Ferrari Land
– The Marina
– Global village
– Beach with a walkway for people of determination.

All these infrastructures were designed to accommodate wheelchair users.
Buildings, shopping malls, streets and public transportation all have adapted spaces for you.
All you have to do is call on our services to drive you to the different touristic sites.

Eden Mobility Dubai has extensive experience in providing quality transportation services and is well known in Europe for its City Tour Paris.
Our services are focused on people with reduced mobility. We want you to have a pleasant stay in Dubai without having to worry about transportation.

You probably found us online if you’re reading this today. Feel free to send us your request by e-mail or phone so we can arrange your transportation in Dubai.