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So far, the city of Dubai has only had companies dedicated solely to transporting people of determination. While the London CAB is present at the heart of certain taxi companies, Eden Mobility offers a 100% French Touch service that demonstrates our expertise in this field.

Why is Eden Mobility one of the most successful companies of wheelchair cab service in Dubai?

It is important to understand that a wheelchair cab service is not like any other business. In addition to the dynamics of transportation, ethics and human relationships must dominate this market with complete transparency.

Unlike Dubai, France is an aging society that is currently experiencing a « grandpa-boom. » The elderly, who immediately experience a loss of autonomy, are the main market alongside people of determination. This public, to whom we owe a lot of respect and attention, requires specific and secure support. Therefore, it is even easier for us to carry out these wheelchair taxi missions in Dubai since the demand is lower.

As a result, our activity in Dubai is also a means of better retaining our customers and, secondly, developing high-end services as soon as tourists arrive at the airport. Our offer focuses on the main points of the city.

Our goal: develop our offer wherever you need personalized transportation

For years, we have known that people of determination are dynamic individuals. Like everyone else, many work, consume, and come to Dubai for vacation. The emergence of communication techniques only serves to develop their comfort every day. In fact, the Dubai government is aware of this and is modernizing all infrastructure for people with special needs, such as :

  • Access ramps
  • Metro
  • Seafront.

To ensure that you can contact us at any time, we are developing a visible communication policy in the following areas: